other work

A lonely center in a lonely circle

Series of staged documentary photographs interpreting "Monk by the sea" painting by Caspar David Friedrich.
Conceptual series made at the time when I had no idea what "concept" means. I tried it, learnt a lot, and then I found out that this is not the way I want to work.
Dedicated to the author of the idea: Patrik Lančarič

Awarded by Slovak press photo in 2012

Jan Saudek and Pavlína Saudková

I like his photographs, story and perversities. 
The photograph was made for a magazine.

Awarded by Slovak press photo in 2012 

Ballet lesson

The series received an award in Sport category, although this wasn't really a sport. It was a game. The kids were little anarchist moving without control like wind in their ballet dresses. I was supposed to take two pictures there, but instead I finished two films.

Awarded by Slovak press photo in 2013 

Christmas Eve

Lubos was the first person with Down's syndrome I've ever met. I felt something inside me I didn't like and couldn't cope with. The best way to handle these feelings was to spend some time with him and observe him through the lenses. Christmas eve is the most powerful series from this period. These people have a gift to make you happier no matter how low you are.

Awarded by Slovak press photo in 2013 

Passion of man

I don't make double exposures often. It's a question of a moment. It is the way how to tell the story in a larger space while keeping the pure analogue form. Each portrayed's story is told literally in more layers. The whole series is a story (of passion inside a man) itself.

Funeral of Tibor Huszar

Tibor Huszár was one of the greatest Slovak photographers. I received my first photographic awards from his hands in 2012. 
He was author of documentary series reflecting the life of the Gypsies. Even though photographing funerals and death itself is considered to be a taboo nowadays, he was showing their lives from the birth to the interment. I wanted to pay tribute to the great photographer by photographing his last journey.

Vintners' family portraits

My home is located in a wine making area and my ancestors were vintners. I am from Pezinok and Pezinok is the center of universe. These are (besides my deep and sincere relationship to alcohol) reasons why I enjoy photographing vintners' families. 

The bloodline family portraits

These bloodline family portraits were the daughter's present for her parents' 50th wedding anniversary and father's 70th birthday. I wanted to make clear who's in command of the retired officer's family.

The next door neighbor

I found this beautiful sculpture accidentally when walking the streets of German colony in 2017. Recently I decided to enlarge and exhibit it with the illustration of Rem Matt General Tattoo. I found and contacted the author of the sculpture. I was shocked when he told me that the artwork does not exist anymore and I learnt how it happened.

5 years ago the artist Amir Ballan started to build this giant sculpture as the project of one man. Then he got an idea to collect the artist of all religious views living side by side in Haifa. But his dream crashed down. The Haifa's city hall ordered demolition of the artwork because they thought that its existence might have disrupted the religious stability in the city.  
Let this photograph be the way how to make this great artwork still living.

Hasselblad // Kodax Trix
gelatin silver print // fiber (baryta) based paper // 100x100cm
edition of 5 + 2AP
(photography of the print)
German Colony, Haifa, Israel.