I am a personal portrait photographer and I work in an old-fashioned way. I enjoy working with people who hammer away at their work. While photographing, I love to have a connection with the person and not to be bothered by digital bullshit. I like to work alone in the darkroom where the time doesn't pass. And I love collecting wine in my archive situated next to the darkroom in the cellar.


I found an old Hasselblad in a safe deposit of a publishing house which I worked for as a photographer. I got to portrait photography through that camera. Escaping from monotonous work I started to photograph people my own way. Later, I started to choose the people who I want to photograph, and they started to choose me. When I was quitting my job after 7 years, the only thing I cared for was to get this Hasselblad.


I discovered that the photographer of my beloved U2 album covers is Anton Corbijn. I got moved by his work and encouraged by his story.


I took a pile of my photographs and shown them to the best wedding photographer in the country those days. He browsed them for a while and then he selected two and said: "These are good. Keep on working. Nowadays everyone has a camera, but the important thing is what you can do with it.""

I failed the entrance exams for photography degree course for the third time. I kept on shooting.


After being expelled from my high school, I went to Israel to earn money as a construction worker. I liked the pictures my cousin was taking. He allowed me to handle his camera for a while. Although I returned home from Israel penniless, I got my new camera and the glasses from U2's "Beautiful day" music video on my nose.